Beast’: Video release of the song ‘JollyO Gymkhana’

Beast’: Video release of the song ‘JollyO Gymkhana’

Breaking : The video for the song ‘JollyO Gymkhana’ from the movie ‘Beast’ has been released.

Vijay’s ‘Beast’ directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar has been released recently and has received mixed reviews. The song ‘Halmati’ and ‘JollyO Gymkhana’ from the film went viral. Although the song ‘Halamati’ has become a global hit and performed various hits on YouTube, ‘JollyO Gymkhana’ is a song that has always kept Vijay fans in a jolly mood. The reason is that the song written by Ku Karthik was sung by your Vijay. ‘Master’ is a song that conveys the need to live life to the fullest, just like the ‘little story’ of the film.

The video for the first song of the film, ‘Halmati Habibo’, has not been released yet. However, the production company has now released the first song ‘JollyO Gymkhana’ and brought the fans to ‘Beast’ mode. As shown in the promo for the song, Vijay is accompanied by Nelson Dileepkumar, Anirudh and choreographer Johnny Master. The song has garnered over 7 million views and 1 lakh likes on YouTube within hours of its release.

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